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Favorite Snacks - 1000 Pieces - DISC

$16.99 $14.59

SKU: 1315pz

1315 Favorite Snacks. Against a mouth-watering background of peanuts and popcorn, Lois B. Sutton has laid out a collection of snacks to please all tastes. "Everyone likes Cracker Jack", which is so very true, but also on offer are Squirrel Brand, Mr. Peanut, & Planters salted and fresh roasted peanuts as well as Super Popt, Popeye, & Jiffy Pop popcorn. To add a bit of nostalgia, included in the collection are boxes of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus peanuts and popcorn. The Greatest Show on Earth, founded in 1884, sadly folded its tents after their final performance on May 21, 2017. 1,000 piece puzzle with a finished size of 24" x 30". 

Every White Mountain Puzzle includes our HAPPINESS GUARANTEE:  If you are not completely delighted with your puzzle experience, we will replace your puzzle with a new one for free.  Promise.

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