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SKU: 3024kc

3024kc. Puzzle Tray.  Here's the solution to those age-old questions of "How on earth do I organize and sort all these wandering puzzle pieces? And once I get that done, what do I do with a partially completed puzzle when I need to use my table for other things?" This custom metal tray fits the bill perfectly and will hold everything, up to and including a 1,000 piece puzzle. The overall size is 24" x 31" so you can construct the puzzle right on the tray. When you need to stash it away until the next puzzling session, the tray will slide easily under your couch or bed. There's a lip on three sides to help keep the pieces from falling off accidentally, but you CAN slide the puzzle off the fourth "lip-less" side if you want to glue it to hang. Made in the U.S.A. Price $39.95 each will ship via Federal Express Home Delivery.

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