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Scroll Down to identify elements featured on the Great Americans puzzle.

1. Theodore Roosevelt
2. Ronald Reagan
3. Dwight D. Eisenhower
4. Babe Ruth
5. Billie Jean King
6. Babe Didrikson Zaharias
7. George Lucas
8. Warren Buffett
9. Thurgood Marshall
10. Mia Hamm
11. Walter Cronkite
12. US Army Ranger
13. Vin Scully
14. Willie Mays and Stan “The Man” Musial
15. Neil deGrasse Tyson
16. Rachel Carson
17. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
18. Oprah Winfrey
19. Fireman
20. Meryl Streep
21. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, Washington DC
22. George Washington
23. Gymnast Simone Biles
24. Gymnast Mary Lou Retton
25. Paul Revere Statue
26. Melinda and Bill Gates
27. Frank Sinatra
28. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
29. Bruce Springsteen
30. Rocky Bleier – Pittsburgh Steelers
31. Golfer Arnold Palmer
32. Andrew Carnegie
33. Fred Rogers
34. Transplant Surgeon Thomas Starzl
35. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres
36. Rosa Parks
37. Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra Plane
38. Amelia Earhart
39. Diana Ross
40. Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones
41. Feminist Gloria Steinem
42. Jackie Robinson number 42 from the Yankee Stadium Monument Park
43. Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
44. Inventor Thomas Edison
45. Astronaut and Former US Senator John Glenn
46. Astronauts of the Apollo Moon Program
47. Robert H. Goddard postage stamp
48. The Polio Vaccine and Dr. Jonas Salk
49. Steve Jobs of Apple
50. Author Herman Melville
51. Melville’s “Moby Dick”
52. Elizabeth Taylor

53. Jazz Trumpeter Miles Davis
54. Rock guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix
55. Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns
56. Apollo 11 NASA patch
57. President Abraham Lincoln
58. Actor John Wayne
59. James “Jimmy” Stewart’s star on the Hollywood Walk of fame
60. Dancer Gene Kelly
61. Novelist Ernest Hemingway
62. Wilbur and Orville Wright
63. Sacagawea Dollar Coin
64. Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin
65. German Shepherd Police Dog
66. Mickey Mantle 1952 rookie baseball card
67. Number 4, NY Yankee Lou Gehrig
68. Jim Thorpe statue
69. Physicist, astronaut Sally Ride
70. The crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger
71. NASA logo
72. Space Shuttle launch
73. General MacArthur button
74. President Ulysses S. Grant
75. Confederate General Robert E. Lee
76. Police SWAT Officer
77. Dancer and choreographer Martha Graham
78. Modern artist Andy Warhol
79. Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup art
80. Walt Disney
81. Country music legend George Jones
82. Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first flight
83. Marine fighter pilot and baseball legend Ted Williams
84. Henry Aaron baseball card
85. Boxer Muhammad Ali
86. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and designer Maya Lin
87. US Air Force test pilot Chuck Yeager
88. Postage stamp of Chuck Yeager’s first Supersonic flight.
89. Cyclist Greg LeMond
90. Actor Tom Hanks
91. Gravesite of General George S. Patton
92. B. B. King
93. Dancer Martha Graham
94. Mel Brooks
95. Ben Franklin
96. Statesman Alexander Hamilton
97. Satchell Paige baseball card
98. Baseball glove

99. Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox outfielder
100. Director Spike Lee
101. Singer-songwriter Neil Diamond
102. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
103. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald
104. Olympian Carl Lewis
105. Olympian Jesse Owens
106. US Army General Colin Powell
107. President Barack Obama campaign button
108. Actress Cicely Tyson
109. Creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson
110. Painter Mary Cassatt
111. “Child in Straw Hat” by Mary Cassatt
112. LeBron James
113. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
114. Painter Chuck Close
115. President Franklin D. Roosevelt
116. Maya Angelou – “ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”
117. Singer-songwriter Barbra Streisand
118. Army Ranger Pat Tillman
119. Singer-songwriter Hank Williams
120. Olympian Greg Louganis
121. Olympian Mark Spitz
122. Football player-actor Jim Brown
123. Composer Henry Mancini
124. Captain of Industry Henry Ford
125. Henry Ford’s first car
126. Statue of boxer Joe Louis
127. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
128. Brigham Young
129. Singer-songwriter Billy Joel
130. PT109 and President John F. Kennedy
131. Director Steven Spielberg
132. Medal of Honor Award winner Audie Murphy
133. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water
134. Alpine Ski Racer Lindsey Vonn
135. The most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps
136. Michael Phelps with a Gold Medal
137. Jazz musician and singer Billy Holiday
138. Singer-songwriter Johnny Cash

Great Americans puzzle by White Mountain Puzzles

Original puzzle art by Jim Mellett