Scroll Down to identify elements featured on the Television Families puzzle.

1. Little House on the Prairie (Ingalls)
2. The Beverly Hillbillies (Clampetts)
3. Modern Family (Pritchett)
4. Different Strokes (Drummond)
5. The Sopranos
6. Leave it to Beaver (Cleaver)
7. Family Ties (Keaton)
8. Donnie and Marie Osmond
9. Growing Pains (Seaver)
10. Full House (Tanner)
11. The Waltons
12. Father Knows Best (Anderson)
13. Bewitched (Stephens)
14. Duck Dynasty (Robertson)
15. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Banks)
16. Happy Days (Cunningham)
17. The Brady Bunch (Bunch)
18. Make Room for Daddy (Williams)
19. The Osbournes
20. Married with Children (Bundy)
21. Family Matters (Winslow)
22. My Three Sons (Douglass)
23. The Munsters
24. The Jackson Five (Jackson)
25. Home Improvement (Taylor)
26. The Simpsons
27. Archie Bunker’s chair from “All in the Family”
28. Party of Five (Salinger)
29. Kevin’s jacket from “The Wonder Years”
30. The Wonder Years (Arnold)
31. The Dick Van Dyke Show (Petrie)
32. Ma and Pa Kettle (Kettle)
33. The Big Valley (Barkley)
34. The Partridge Family bus
35. The Jetsons
36. The Donna Reed Show (Stone)
37. The Jeffersons
38. All in the Family (Bunker)
39. J. R. Ewing of “Dallas”
40. The Partridge Family
41. The Flintstones (Flintstone/Rubble)
42. Sanford and Son (Sanford)
43. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (Nelson)
44. Arrested Development (Bluth)
45. “Family Fued” game show with Richard Dawson.
46. The Addams Family
47. Eight is Enough (Bradford)
48. Ewing Ranch from “Dallas”
49. Dallas (Ewing)
50. The Andy Griffith Show (Taylor)
51. Breaking Bad (White)
52. Lost in Space (Robinson)
53. Malcolm in the Middle (Wilkerson, but the name was not used in the show)
54. Sonny and Cher (Bono)
55. Fraser (Crane)
56. Dynasty (Carrington)
57. Family Affair (Davis)
58. Blue Bloods (Reagan)
59. Family Guy (Griffin)
60. Hazel (Baxter)
61. Television Antenna, or rabbit ears.
62. Family (Lawrence)
63. Petticoat Junction (Bradley)
64. Roseanne (Conner)
65. Boy Meets World (Matthews)
66. Good Times (Evans)
67. The Cosby Show (Huxtable)
68. Bonanza (Cartwright)
69. I Love Lucy (Ricardo)
70. The Real McCoys (McCoy)
Television Families puzzle by White Mountain Puzzles

Original art by James Mellett