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Scroll Down to identify elements featured on The Eighties puzzle.

1.Tiananmen Square 1989
2.CNN – Ted Turner
3.Space Shuttle launch
4.Nelson Mandela
5.Live Aid 1985
6.He-Man and She-Ra
7.Footloose – Kevin Bacon
8.Astronaut Sally Ride
9.Bernie Goetz – subway vigilante 1985
10.USA Hockey wins Olympic gold medal 1980
11.Bartels & James
12.The Bangles
13.Donkey Kong
14.Duran Duran
15.Caddyshack / Bill Murray
17.Michael Milken / Charles H. Keating Jr.
19.Knots Landing
20.AIDS quilt 1987
21.Who’s the Boss
22.Space Shuttle Challenger disaster 1986
23.Christa McAuliffe
24.Hill Street Blues
25.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
26.Mt. St. Helens 1980
27.Pretty in Pink
28.Boris Becker
29.The Facts of Life
30.Pete Rose breaks hit record
31.Chernobyl 1986
32.Los Angeles Olympics 1984
33.Olympic Boycott
34.“The Catch” 1982
35.Tom Sellek
36.Iran Iraq war
38.Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA”
39.Wall Street
40.Michael Douglas / Wall Street
41.The Police “Syncronicity”
42.Exxon Valdez 1989
43.The Beastie Boys
46.Pac Man
47.Sun City album 1985
48.Major League
49.Magic Johnson
50.Bob Geldof – Live Aid
51.Sony Walkman
52.Famine in Africa
53.Max Headroom
54.Carl Lewis
55.Michael J. Fox / Back to the Future
56.Tom Cruise / Risky Business
57.Full Metal Jacket
58.Sheana Easton
60.Rock Hudson
61.Greg Louganis 1984 / 1988
62.Princess Lea
63.Luke Skywalker
64.E. T.
65.Jane Fonda
66.Boy George
67.Dirty Dancing
69.Axl Rose
70.M. C. Hammer
71.Tom Cruise / Top Gun
72.Reagan and Gorbachev
73.President Ronald Reagan
74.Pac Man
75.Michael Jackson “Thriller”
76.California Raisins
77.Mike Tyson
78.Boom Box
79.David Hasselhoff / Knight Rider
80.Gary Coleman
81.John Lennon shot 1980
82.Hinckley shoots Reagan
83.Indira Gandhi
84.Berlin Wall comes down
85.Pee Wee Herman
86.Geraldine Ferraro button
87.Macintosh 128K - 1984
88.Sugar Ray Leonard
89.Mark David Chapman
91.Pope John Paul II
92.Florence Griffith Joyner
93.Mr. T

94.Swatch Watch
95.Wayne Gretzky
96.Mario Lemieux
98.Eric Heiden
99.Auqa Net
100.DeLorean automobile
101.Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
102.The Terminator
103.Ayatollah Khomeini
104.Leona Helmsley
105.The Blues Brothers
106.VHS tape
107.Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
108.K car
109.Miami Vice
110.Frogger arcade game
111.Mary Crosby - Dallas
112.“Who Shot J.R.”
113.Puzzle artist Jim Mellett 1981
114.Cheers – Sam Malone
115.Chariots of Fire
116.Joe Montana - 49ers
117.Donald Trump – “The Art of the Deal”
118.The Cosby Show
119.Indiana Jones
120.Halley’s Comet
122.Eddie Murphy
123.Atari 2600
124.Family Ties
125.Debbie Gibson
126.Cyndi Lauper
128.RUN DMC Adidas sneakers
129.Captain Lou Albano
130.Rubik’s Cube
131.L. L. Cool J.
132.IBM 5150
134.L.A. Gear shoes
135.Jack Nicklaus
136.AIDS ribbon
137.Die Hard
138.Saved by the Bell
139.Brooke Shields / Calvin Klein Jeans

The 1980’s puzzle by White Mountain Puzzles
Original art by James Mellett