Puzzle Key of The Sixties Jigsaw Puzzle by James Mellett

1.“I Have a Dream” Speech
2.VW bus
3.Gateway Arch construction
4.Chicago Democratic Convention 1968
5.Johnson and Humphrey 1964
6.Steve McQueen in “Bullitt”
7.Peggy Fleming 1968
8.Anti war movement
9.Nixon beats Humphrey
10.The Beatles come to America 1964
11.Man on the Moon
12.Kennedy Assassination 1963
13.Integration of New Orleans Schools
14.Lawrence of Arabia 1962
15.The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
16.Miracle Mets 1969
17.1966 GTO
18.Easy Rider
19.Maris & Mantle 1961
20.Vietnam War
21.Chicago Seven & Bobby Seale
22.Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 pts.
23.Bob Hope - USO Show
24.Supreme Court / Thurgood Marshall
25.Aretha Franklin
26.Neil Armstrong - Apollo 11
27.“One Small Step”
28.Lew Alcindor UCLA
29.1st Rolling Stone Magazine
30.Alan Shepard 1st American in Space
31.Pirates win 1960 World Series
32.East German Army closes border with West Berlin
33.The Who – “My Generation”
34.Olympics Mexico City 1968
35.Wilma Rudolph 1960 Olympics
36.MLK Assassinated
38.Timothy Leary
39.Tim Leary button
40.Sandy Koufax baseball card
41.Clint Eastwood
42.Boston Celtics
43.1963 Corvette
44.Peace button
45.Drug use
46.Rowan and Martin
47.Telstar satellite 1962
48.Simon and Garfunkel
49.Fred Flintstone
50.George Wallace
51.Black Pride button
52.Martin Luther King Jr.
53.Pink Panther
54.Annette Funicello
55.Beach Boys
56.Peace Sign button
57.Joe Namath
58.Bear Bryant
59.U2 spy plane
60.Fidel Castro
61.Green Bay Packers
62.Jackie Kennedy
63.President Kennedy
64.1960 presidential debate
65.Robert Kennedy
66.Kennedy campaign button
67.VW Bug
68.Raquel Welch
69.Henry Aaron
70.Ann Margret
71.Mick Jagger
72.Liz Taylor
73.LOVE by Robert Indiana
74.Johnny Carson
75.The Andy Griffith Show
76.The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
77.Woodstock poster
78.Playboy bunny
79.Flower Power button
80.Chubby Checker
81.Che Guevara
82.Gale Sayers
83.Black Power button
84.Black Panther Angela Davis
85.Haight Ashbury Street Sign
86.Soldier with M16
87.Couple at Woodstock
88.Gen. William Westmoreland
89.Vietnam badge
90.“Make Love Not War” button
91.President Lyndon Johnson

92.Vietnam button
93.Nikita Khrushchev
94.Yuri Gagarin 1st human in space
95.Kodak 100 Instamatic
96.“To Kill a Mockingbird”
97.Mister Rogers
98.Grace Slick
99.Billy Jean King
100.Birth control pills
101.Janis Joplin
102.Andy Warhol
103.Bob Dylan “The Times They are A-Changin’”
104.Dionne Warwick
105.A. J. Foyt
106.O.J. Simpson vs. UCLA
107.Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
108.Barbra Streisand
110.Sandra Dee
113.Walter Cronkite
114.Ford Mustang
115.Fallout Shelter sign
116.The Doors
117.Jimi Hendrix
118.60’s Top Songs
119.John Glenn 1st American to orbit Earth
120.NASA Friendship 7 patch
121.Ray Kroc – McDonald’s
122.Gordie Howe
123.Diana Ross and The Supremes
124.Indira Gandhi
125.Bobby Hull
126.Jane Goodall
127.Mama Cass
128.James Bond
129.Dr. Strangelove 1964
130.Lava lamp
131.“Jimmy” puzzle artist Jim Mellett 1969
132.Joan Baez
133.Arnold Palmer
134.Jack Nicklaus
135.Cassius Clay

The Sixties puzzle by White Mountain Puzzles

Original art by James Mellett